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Surface Finish 

To make the prototype looks like verisimilitude,our company may complete the following working procedures instead of our customers.

Painting(Cosmetic Paint, Non-cosmetic Paint) :

It means making the prototype with the spray color according to client’s requirement. 

Bole owns Anti-dust Spray Painting Room with 4 sets of spray equipments 
and serval senior painting 

We can offer rubber painting ,Bi-component painting( car painting) and common 
painting with all kinds of materials ,with a series of textures.Any type of paint finishing 
from either a RAL,PANTONE,INDEX or a color sample: matt,silky,bright,charmille texture,
metallic or soft touch on plastic or metal parts.Your parts will receive a perfect surface with paint finishing.


It is an oxidized reaction occurs in the aluminum surface , then form a layer of membranous ,its function is to protect the product from scraping.

Silk Printing:

It means making logo or pattern on surface of prototype
.Silk screen printing glass is a decorative product which printed inks on glass surface, by process of drying and toughening treatment, firing the inks on glass surface forever so as to anti-abrasive, acid and alkaline.  

Our Advantages:

1.Our production line is the most modern in China; we can produce high quality products with professional technology

2. We make silk screen glass with many patterns and different colors as customers’ requests, it has higher decorative effect, higher color stability, and will not lose color.

3. Higher security, have the same property as tempered glass.  

4. Obvious sun-shading effect.    


It is a surface treatment on product which has a low gloss finish after polishing ,then we use buffing oil or buffing wax to high gloss this product.

Powder coating

Coated product with a layer of nuclear dust and you can see the smooth surface of product more clearly.It is an advanced yet simple way of spray-painting using a very fine ,dry plastic powder paint into a metal surface. 

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