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5-axis machining service processing

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Point contact type: The so-called point contact type processing refers to the processing method of point contact molding during processing, such as spherical milling cutter machining, spherical grinding wheel grinding in 5-axis machining service, etc. The main feature of this processing method is: spherical The surface normal vector points to the whole space, and it has the ability to adapt to the surface normal vector. Compared with the line and surface contact processing, the programming is simpler and the calculation amount is smaller, and the tool radius is less than the minimum curvature of the surface. 5 radius to avoid interference. Therefore it is suitable for the processing of arbitrary surfaces


Face contact type: The so-called surface contact type processing refers to the processing method of surface contact forming, such as face milling (grinding) processing. The main feature of this type of processing is: due to the higher cutting speed of the cutting point, the cycle feed The amount is large, so it has high processing efficiency and precision. However, due to the influence of the molding method and the shape of the tool, it is mainly suitable for the processing of a curved surface with a flat convex curvature.

Line contact type: The so-called line contact type processing refers to the processing method of line contact forming during processing, such as cylindrical peripheral milling, conical peripheral milling, boring boring and abrasive belt grinding. The characteristics of this processing method are: Due to the high cutting speed at the cutting point, high machining accuracy can be obtained. At the same time, since it is a line contact molding, it has a high processing efficiency, and has been developed to study the contact processing of any curved surface.

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