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Analysis of the Advantages of 3D printing service Technology

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3D printing service is a common name for additive manufacturing technology. It is a technology that uses discrete materials to build objects layer by layer based on 3D CAD design data. Compared with traditional material removal methods and material forming methods, 3D printing is a bottom-up material accumulation manufacturing process. It has been gradually developed since the 1980s. It is also called 3D printing technology such as rapid prototyping and layered manufacturing. The development and maturity is one of the important signs of the third industrial revolution.


1. Product complexity, diversification and cost have nothing to do. Under the traditional manufacturing method, the more complex the shape of the product, the higher the manufacturing cost. At the same time, the traditional manufacturing equipment has fewer or single functions, and the shape of the processable product is limited. For a 3D printer, it can print a wide variety of shapes, regardless of complex or simple shape of the object, does not have much impact on its manufacturing costs. It does not require machining or prefabrication of any mold, which greatly reduces The difficulty in manufacturing complex products has shortened the development cycle.

2. Zero-skilled manufacturing. Traditional craftsmen need to acquire the skills they need in a few years. Apparel machines and computer-controlled manufacturing machines reduce the skill requirements. However, traditional manufacturing machines still require skilled professionals to make machine adjustments. Calibration. Using 3D printing technology to make the same complex products, individuals only need to intelligently design in the computer, then convert the complex workflow into digital files and send them to the 3D printer to realize the manufacturing process. A variety of complex manufacturing processes and processing skills, which greatly reduced the technical threshold of manufacturing.

3. the advantages of personalized customization. 3D printing can achieve on-demand production, reducing the physical inventory of enterprises, avoiding the waste of resources of large quantities of unsold goods in large-scale production, more environmentally friendly. Even products can be printed locally on demand. , thereby reducing the logistics and transportation costs of the product.

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