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Analysis of the basic principle of Bole injection molding

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Bole Injection molding, also known as injection molding, is a molding method for injection molds. The advantages of injection molding processing methods are fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, various colors, simple and large shapes, large to small sizes, precise product dimensions, convenient product replacement and complex shapes. Parts and injection molding are suitable for mass production and forming and machining of complex shapes.


Injection molding is an industry that has a wide range of knowledge, technical and practical skills. In the injection molding process, plastic raw materials, toner, nozzles, molds, injection molding machines, peripheral equipment, fixtures, sprayers, various auxiliary materials and packaging materials are used. These have brought great results to the management of the injection molding workshop. Compared with other industries or departments, there are certain difficulties, and the requirements of the injection molding workshop managers at all levels are higher.

Although the structure of the mold may vary due to the type and performance of the plastic, the shape and structure of the plastic product, and the type of injection molding machine, the basic structure is the same. The mold is mainly composed of a gating system, a temperature control system, a molding part and a structural part. The gating system and molded parts are in direct contact with the plastic and vary with the plastic and product. They are the most complex and variable parts in a mold, requiring the highest precision and highest precision of the part.

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