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Features and applications of 3D printing technology

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3D printing technology is also known as additive manufacturing technology, or additive manufacturing and incremental manufacturing technology. The American Society for Testing and Materials has clearly defined 3D printing technology, and 3D printing technology is very different from current traditional processing methods. This technology is a layer-by-layer process for materials using 3D CAD forming technology. It is a three-dimensional physical solid model processing method using direct manufacturing and 3D model technology. 3D printing technology includes rapid prototyping in material processing and rapid manufacturing associated printing processes in the production process.


Use of technology and equipment. 3D printing is a multi-disciplinary technology integrating CAD modeling, measurement, software, CNC, laser and materials. It has the advantages of 3D printing digital, layering, stacking, direct and fast.

The current production of 3D printing equipment is mainly concentrated in the United States, Germany, Israel, Japan and Sweden, mainly in the United States. Printing materials can be divided into blocks, liquids and powders. The 3D Printing Technology Committee of the American Society for Testing and Materials has specified processing and processing materials. The processing materials are mainly photosensitive polymer materials, polymeric materials, waxes, metals, and foundries. Sand and paper, etc., the processing technology is mainly photocuring forming, material spraying, binder spraying, fused deposition manufacturing, selective laser sintering, directional energy deposition and the like.

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