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How to make BOLE CNC processing aluminum products achieve high light effect

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When the BOLE CNC processes some high-precision aluminum alloy parts or large aluminum alloy parts, the surface finish of the product is very important. The appearance of one product can directly affect the cost performance of the product. How to make some aluminum alloy parts with high surface finish To the high light effect? First, the machine tool must use cutting oil instead of cutting fluid. The lubricating fluid of the cutting fluid is not as large as the cutting oil, but the cooling effect is stronger than the cutting oil. If the product is to achieve high light effect, most of the products will be cut for lubrication. oil.


Then we choose the tool to choose aluminum alloy high-light knife for aluminum alloy products. The material of tungsten steel knife and high-light knife is not the same, so the high-light knife is more suitable for aluminum alloy smooth surface and cutting than tungsten steel knife. When machining the machine, be sure to align the machine oil pipe with the tool from top to bottom. This first ensures that the cutting oil is lubricated when the tool is cut, and then the cut aluminum slag is mostly washed away to reduce the slag. The probability of causing the product's finish to be affected, it is often necessary to remember to use the air gun to blow out the slag and chips that cannot be washed out by the air gun. The feed and rotation speed of the machine tool must be processed according to the length of the tool to the most suitable parameters. Speed and feed are often important factors in determining product finish.

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