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Matters needing attention during sheet metal fabrication

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In the sheet metal fabrication, after the blanking is completed, the next process is entered, and different workpieces enter the corresponding process according to the processing request. There are bending, riveting, flanging, spot welding, convex hull, step difference, sometimes the nut or stud should be pressed after bending one or two times, among which there is a central part of the convex hull and the step of the mold to think about First processing, so as to avoid the intervention of other processes, the intervention will not complete the processing of the demand. When there is a hook on the upper or lower case, if it cannot be welded after bending, it should be processed before bending.


When bending, the first step depends on the size of the drawing. The thickness of the data must be the tool and the sipe used for bending. Preventing the product from colliding with the tool and causing the deformation is the key to the selection of the upper mold. (In the same product, it may be used. Different models of the upper mold), the selection of the lower mold is based on the thickness of the sheet. The second is to confirm the order of bending. The general rule of bending is first inside and outside, first small and then big, first special and ordinary. The workpiece to be crushed is first bent to 30°-40°; then the workpiece is crushed by the flattening die.

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