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The content selection method of NC milling machine

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1、 Service conditions of CNC milling machine: compared with machining center, CNC milling machine is similar to machining center in other aspects except that it lacks automatic tool change function and tool library. It can drill, expand, ream, spot facer, bore and tap workpieces, but it is mainly used for milling workpieces.
2、 Generally, NC milling is used for the following processing:
The curve contour inside and outside the workpiece, especially the non-circular curve and list curve given by the mathematical expression.
Give the space curve of the mathematical model.
. parts with complex shape, various sizes and difficult marking and detection.
It is difficult to observe, measure and control the inner and outer grooves of the feed when machining with a universal milling machine.
High precision holes and surfaces with size coordination.
A simple surface or shape that can be milled together in one installation.
Adopting numerical control milling can double the productivity and greatly reduce the general processing content of physical labor.
3、 The following processing contents should not be processed by CNC milling machine:
. rough machining contents requiring long-time manual adjustment.
. parts with insufficient or unstable machining allowance on the workpiece.
The processing contents must be coordinated according to the special tooling, such as standard sample, coordination plate and mold tire.
Simple rough machined surface.
. the parts that need to be processed with a long and thin milling cutter, such as the narrow and long deep groove or the small transition arc part of the high rib plate.

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