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What are the contents of the process analysis process of metal part drawings?

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In the metalworking industry, from the design drawings of parts to the qualified delivery of finished parts, the influence of a series of factors such as the arrangement of parts processing routes, the selection of machine tools, the selection of cutting tools, positioning and clamping, etc. is taken into account. The analysis and research of the part drawing mainly refers to the process review of the parts, such as checking whether there are errors and omissions in the views, dimensions and technical requirements of the design drawing, especially for the parts with poor structural manufacturability, if possible, communicate with the designer or put forward modification suggestions, and the Designer shall decide whether to make necessary modifications and improvements. The following is a brief introduction to the analysis process of metalworking drawings:
1、 Integrity and correctness analysis of part drawings
The view of parts shall comply with the requirements of national standards, the position shall be accurately expressed, the relationship between geometric elements (points, lines, faces) (such as tangency, intersection and parallelism) shall be accurate, and all relevant dimensions shall be complete and clear.
2、 Part technical requirements analysis
The technical requirements of parts mainly include dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, position accuracy, surface roughness and heat treatment requirements. These technical requirements should be the limit values on the premise of ensuring the service performance of parts. The analysis of technical requirements of parts is mainly to analyze the rationality and realization possibility of these technical requirements, focusing on the accuracy and technical requirements of important surfaces and parts, so as to prepare for the formulation of a reasonable scheme. At the same time, it is analyzed to determine whether the technical requirements are too strict, because too high precision and too small surface roughness requirements will make the process more complex and difficult, and increase unnecessary investment.
3、 Analysis of dimensioning methods
The dimensioning methods of part drawings include local scattered dimensioning, centralized dimensioning and coordinate dimensioning. For the parts on the NC machine tool, the dimensions on the part drawing should be marked centrally or with the same reference (i.e. coordinate dimensions) as far as possible on the premise that the service performance can be guaranteed, which not only facilitates the NC programming, but also facilitates the unification of design reference, technical reference and programming origin.
4、 Part material analysis
On the premise of meeting the functions of parts, materials that are easy to purchase shall be selected. When selecting materials, the principle of proximity shall be adopted. Do not easily select valuable and scarce materials.
5、 Analysis of structural manufacturability of parts

The structural manufacturability of parts refers to the feasibility and economy of manufacturing the designed parts on the premise that they can meet the performance requirements. Good structural manufacturability will make parts manufacturing easier and save materials; However, the poor structural manufacturability will make the process difficult, increase the investment, waste materials and even fail to complete. Through the process of analyzing the structural characteristics, accuracy requirements and complexity of parts, the methods required by parts and the types and specifications of CNC machine tools can be determined.


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