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What is rotational molding? What is the main purpose? What is the market prospect?

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The main features of the rotational molding process are:

·Low cost of rotational mold - for products of the same size, the cost of rotational mold is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding and injection molding, which is suitable for molding large-scale plastic products;

·Good edge strength of roto molded products - roto molded products can achieve a thickness of more than 5 mm at the edge, completely solving the problem of thin edges of hollow products;

·Rotational molding can be used to place various inlays;

·The shape of rotational molding products can be very complex, and the thickness can exceed 5 mm;

·Rotational molding can produce fully enclosed products;

·Rotational molding products can be filled with foaming materials to achieve thermal insulation;

·There is no need to adjust the mold, and the wall thickness of rotational molding products can be adjusted freely (more than 2mm).

At present, the rotational molding equipment can not only produce small products with simple structure and single layer, but also produce complex structure, multi-layer, large and super large products, including various container products, motor tool accessories such as automobiles and aircraft, military supplies, ships, as well as human organs.

The development of China's rotational molding industry is inseparable from the continuous development of new products, the continuous expansion of the application field of rotational molding products, and the continuous improvement of the manufacturing technology and related technologies of the rotational molding machine. The rotational molding industry association will also effectively accelerate the development of all aspects of China's rotational molding industry in the future. Of course, we need to make joint efforts. China's rotational molding industry should have a good development. In recent years, in developed countries in North America and Europe, the rotational molding industry has developed rapidly, and its development speed is higher than the average development speed of the whole plastic industry. The development of the entire rotational molding industry is also relatively perfect. In addition to the rotational molding machine manufacturers and rotational molding product manufacturers, there are also a considerable number of other professional auxiliary plants, such as rotational molding mold manufacturers, release agent manufacturers, rotational molding special pigment manufacturers, milling machine manufacturers, insert manufacturers, mixing equipment manufacturers suitable for rotational molding, as well as a large number of rotational molding special raw material supply plants, etc. The rotational molding equipment manufactured in developed countries is becoming more and more sophisticated, and is developing towards a higher and higher level of automation control.

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