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What is the way of aluminum processing?

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Aluminum processing: aluminum ingots are processed into materials by plastic processing. The main methods include rolling, extrusion, stretching and forging. Aluminum processing began to be produced in an industrial way in the early 20th century. Before the 1930s, copper processing production equipment was basically used, and the products were mainly used in aircraft manufacturing. Since the 1960s, aluminum production has developed rapidly, with an annual growth of about 4 ~ 8%. The products are widely used in aviation, construction, transportation, electrical, chemical, packaging and commodity industries. The output is second only to steel and ranks second in metal materials. In the mid-1950s, China built a relatively large aluminum processing plant and formed a production system. The products have been serialized. There are seven alloy systems, which can produce eight types of products: plate, strip, foil, pipe, bar, profile, wire rod and forging (free forging and die forging). From the macro level of economic growth, the meso perspective of industry evolution and the micro behavior of enterprise development, we all find that it will become an inevitable trend for the aluminum industry to step from primary electrolytic aluminum smelting to intensive processing. Aluminum processing products are generally priced in the way of "aluminum price + processing fee". When the total amount of downstream demand and structural increment increase rapidly, the processing rate of companies with technical advantages, channel advantages, cost advantages and location advantages can not only be guaranteed, but also be increased. If the factors of capacity expansion are superimposed, the growth of performance will be rapid and significant.
In recent years, China's aluminum profile industry has grown rapidly and has fully developed into a highly competitive industry. By the end of 2010, there were 824 aluminum profile enterprises above Designated Size in China. After the tempering of rapid development stage and fierce market competition, the basic pattern was initially formed. At present, China's aluminum foil industry has many production enterprises and low industrial concentration. No enterprise has a significant market share, and no enterprise can have a decisive impact on the development of the whole industry. In 2010, the national output of aluminum foil was about 2 million tons, and there were more than 250 enterprises engaged in aluminum foil production, with an average output of about 8000 tons. The average scale is small, there are many small enterprises, and there is excessive competition in the field of low value-added products.
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