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5 axis machining


5 axis machining

DMU65/50 5-Axis CNC Machining Centre is developed and applied not only for some large workpieces with complex surfaces and special requirements, but also for improving the processing, quality and efficiency of these surfaces.

Bole has 12sets DMU65 and DMU50 multiple-Axis machines, this type machine is a high-tech and high-precision process tool, specially they are used to process complex surfaces.

The Advantages of 5 axis machining

DMG 5-axis machining center was developed to make complex parts on one machine, it can cut chips on multiple sides of a part simultaneously in one setup. In addition, the process reduces idle times, increases accuracy, and increases the overall speed of production.

5-axis machining is ideal for producing complex workpieces with strict manufacturing requirements.

The 5-axis machining center has many benefits over a traditional machining center.

  • 1

    Reduced machining time

  • 2

    Reduce costly tooling and fixtures

  • 3

    Reduced production times

  • 4

    Single setup

  • 5

    Ability to produce complex parts

Application Areas Of 5 axis machining


Complex structure and peculiar shape,rapid prototype,360 degrees rolling balls, and embossment,all kinds of vibration discs, medical components processing, roller impeller,turbine, worm wheel, heavy generator rotor, high precision parts processing and mould manufacturing.