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CNC machining


CNC machining

At Bole we have over 200 industry leading Fanuc 3 axis and 4 axis cnc machines. These top quality machines work by processing 3D CAD data.

CNC can be used to produce machined parts and prototypes very quickly, at a high production rate and high degree of accuracy, the materials used are strong and durable for testing.

The Advantages of CNC machining

Bole is able to cnc manufacture with a great many different materials including:plastics ( ABS, PC, PMMA, PA/nylon, PA+GF, PP, PE,PET,PEEK, PS, POM/delrin, PVC,etc), metals (copper, aluminium,stainless steel,brass,magnesium,zamak,etc).

  • 1

    Good quality ,high accuracy and High productivity

  • 2

    CNC machining services with complex structures

  • 3

    Selectivity of various materials

  • 4

    Small volume will be easier to control quality also save cost

  • 5

    Don't need mold, can make the ideal product